Beanbag Sofa White Fur

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Beanbag Sofa White Fur


Bean Bag Sofa- White Fur

6' Lounger-style beanbag for 1-3 Adults that doubles as an extra bed. You can also sit on the edge of the sack and prop up the back against a wall for even more back support. Oval sacks take up less floor space than their round counterparts so they may fit better along a wall.


  •  65 pounds
  •  72"x 48"x 34"
  •  Highest Quality Memory Foam / Furniture Foam blend
  •  Luxuriously thick and soft, very high end
  •  Cover is removable and machine washable
  •  Inner liner (included) contains the foam
  •  Ships compressed under vacuum
  •  Made in America

Prior to shipping, our large bean bags are compressed under vacuum and placed into boxes so they can be efficiently delivered to your doorstep.  We use only the highest quality materials so you will enjoy these amazingly comfortable giant foam bean bags loungers for years to come.

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