Along with the foam, the cover is the most important aspect of purchase a SLACKER sack foam beanbag.  Our covers are made from the softest, most durable, and stain-resistant fabrics available today. 

All of our covers are removable, interchangeable, and machine washable to eat, drink, and be merry with no worries!

The extra long zipper allows you to easily remove the outer cover so that it can be washed.  All seams are double stitched to ensure a very strong seam that won't rip or tear.  The sacks are safe for children of all ages because of the double-sewn safety zipper we use on each cover.  Collect multiple covers for every occasion or season!!!

Our most popular cover material, by far, is Microsuede (a high-end Microfiber).  It is an ideal cover material for these bean bags because of its supreme softness (feels like smooth cotton with a little more texture of a subtle Suede) yet very durable nature.  The soft and smooth feel of Microsuede is great but what makes this an amazing fabric is its durability.  It is stain resistant, machine washable, and can easily withstand child abuse (abuse from children that is).

Microsuede covers look fantastic in any room and durable enough to last you a lifetime.  

Our other incredible cover materials include Corduroy, Faux-Leather, Pebble, and Fur.

Our personal favorite fabric is our Corduroy.  It is extra thick and plush and the wide-cords are really high end.  Our Faux-Leather in Black and Brown feels like the real thing, only a billion times cheaper.  Our pebble fabric has an amazing texture to it that is hard to convey online, but in person it looks amazing.  Our Fur covers, in Black and White, have an incredibly soft feel and the well over an inch long fibers have a ton of texture.

You will be very happy with any of your cover choices.  If you get a cover and don't like it, then we can exchange it out for you for free as long as it is still in new condition!