READ CLOSELY-- Not all Sacks are created equal

At the end of the day, it is the foam and the cover material that make the sack what it is.  First we will focus on the foam which is the most important aspect of our- or any- foam bean bag.

Reasons why the foam we use in our SLACKER sacks are superior:

1. ANTI-STATIC (anti-clumping) foam process.  We are a third-generation furniture maker so we have been around a while.  A few years back we developed a new ANTI-STATIC foam process.  Foam bean bags hate static as it causes the foam to stick together, greatly reducing the comfort of the sack.  Our special ANTI-STATIC treatment causes a very noticeable improvement in the comfort and helps keep the sack fluffy.

2. FOAM MIXTURE.  Through our decades of experience making foam beanbags, we have been able to determine the right mixture of foam types that maximizes comfort.  We use high quality batches of foam with different densities and physical properties like Memory Foam, Durafoam, Ultra-Cell Foam, HR (high resiliency) FOAM and special polyurethane foams (to reduce overall weight).  Our unique and proprietary foam mixture clearly sets us apart from the competition.

3. FiNELY SHREDDED FOAM.  No clumpy or large pieces of inferior foam.  We finely shred our foam so that it easily conforms to your body.  The large majority of our competitors use chunk foam which is cheaper for the manufacturer to use.  Chunk foam is commonly found in sacks that are made in China.  Our foam is firm enough to hold to the contour of your body, yet softer than anything you have ever laid on before.

4. FOAM VOLUME.  Using too little amounts of foam lead to an unsupportive lounging experience, and not lifting a person off the floor enough.  Too much foam and you end up with a sack that is too stiff (that you bounce off of).  Slacker Sack beanbags work within this range to provide a supportive recline while maintaining a soft comfortable experience.  What this boils down to.....we use a lot of foam--the perfect amount!