Q:  Why should I choose a Slacker Sack?

A:  We only use high-end foam and fabric so our quality is the best.  We are the best value period.  This is why we aren't the cheapest, but we are the best priced for what you get.  Besides having a cool name, we offer a wide selection of colors, fabrics, and sizes.  We offer FREE SHIPPING with a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 

Q:  Why are Slacker Sacks so inexpensive when they have expensive foam and fabric components?

A:  We have low overhead/costs compared to other beanbag companies.  We only sell through the internet so we don't have expensive retail stores to staff and maintain.

Q:  How do you ship these when they are so big?

A:  In a nutshell, we "vacuum-pack" the product so it will fit in a large box that FedEx and UPS will accept.  Box sizes vary, but with few exceptions can be transported in a car.

Q:  When will my Slacker Sack ship?

A:  We ship out all orders on a first come first serve basis.  In most cases we ship 1-2 business days after the order is placed and you can expect to receive your shipment within 3-8 days depending on how close you are to our warehouse.  East coast orders are on the longer end of the estimate.  A FedEx tracking number is available to you as well.

Q: Is the logo pocket on the beanbag that can hold a remote control removable?

A:  Yes, it is secured by very strong magnetic snaps that can be snapped off if desired.

Q:  What size beanbag is better, Round or Oval?

A:   Round beanbags may fit better into a corner.  The oval shaped sofa style beanbags are more narrow so they don't stick as far out into a room.  The Round beanbags are a little taller when fluffed up fully and are more of a "chair style" vs a "bed style" for the lounger sacks that may be more ideal for stretching out those legs and napping.  The sofa sacks can also be propped up in different ways to support various sitting and laying positions so it is the most versatile (ex:  lay it flat, or prop it up against a wall for even more back support). 

Q:  What is the most popular size?

A:  If you have the room, the 6' Round sack is our favorite.  It is big enough for 2 adults, or amazing as a one person giant chair that you can read, sleep, or watch TV in comfortably.  If you are a little concerned about space (or cost), or only need it for one person, a 5' Round chair is an amazingly good option.


If you don't see a question answered here, it may be answered on a different tab at the top of the site.  Feel free to email us at slacker@slackersack.com if you have any questions!