Because our sacks are so large, we need to shrink them down to be able to ship them.

All of our sacks are shrunken down to a little smaller than 1/3 to 1/8 their normal size for shipping and transporting.  The bag and outer cover are put into a box that fits into a car.  The largest sacks may need to go in the backseat.

Out of the box instructions:

Take the foam insert and outer cover out of the box.  The foam is contained by the inner liner which allows you take off the outer cover without all the foam falling out.  DO NOT USE ANYTHING SHARP when removing the clear covering from the foam insert as this may result if DAMAGING THE INNER LINER that contains the foam.  Keep the foam in the permanent inner liner. 

Once the Foam starts to "breathe" and expand after the clear covering has been removed, you can start to break up the foam brick with your hands.  The more you break apart the foam, the faster the sack will expand. 

Tip:  From time to time, you will want re-fluff your sack to allow the air to fully penetrate the foam and give it its maximum fluff.