Kids Bedroom

Kids need furniture too.  One of our smaller foam bean bags make a fun and excellent choice for any child's room.  The ideal size for a child's bedroom is probably a 4' sack (5' if there is plenty of space).  The machine washable and very cozy Suede Microfiber removable covers make this a perfect choice for any childs room.

Reading a book with your child will become an even better experience for both parent and child.  It is the perfect bonding tool.

If you have the room, maybe you can get a large sack.  if you child is fortunate enough to play video games in his room, you may want to go bigger so his friends can join in the comfort (or get two).  Your kids will love you for it.

The fun and colorful choices for one of our sacks is endless.  Don't be afraid to get that Purple color because SLACKER sack bean bag makes an amazing bedroom accent piece.

Any of our foam bean bags are great for the little people in your life.